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We believe in "open book" policy and that's why we post our rates on the website without asking for confidential information. 

*Rates and fees are subject to change without notice. All rates do not include tolls, airport fees, and 20% standard gratuities. The rate estimate does not include any discounts to which you may be entitled.
Our Hourly Rates
Vehicle Type   Hourly Rates  Terms
Mercedes Benz E350-E550
(1-3 passengers)
$75 Minimum 3 hours
Mercury Grand Marquis
(1-3 passengers) 
$65 Minimum 3 hours 
 Sedan Lincoln Town Car 
(1-3 passengers)
$65 Minimum 3 hours 
Mercedes Benz S Class
(1-3 passengers)
Minimum 4 hours 
Luxury SUV
(3-6 passengers)
(Chevy Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, etc.)  
$80 - $90 Minimum 4 hours 
  Ford Explorer mid-size SUV 
Minimum 3 hours  
Luxury Van
(10-14 passengers)
$95  Minimum 4 hours
 Stretch Limo 
(6-10 Passengers)
$140 Minimum 5 hours
(excluding prom season)
Luxury Shuttle Bus
(20-32 Passengers)
$180  Minimum 6 hours 

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